The Underside of Fashion

September 7, 2013

A guest post from Patricia Cohen: When it comes to fashion, there’s something beautiful about those of us who truly get it, those who understand the power it has and those who can instinctively look good without even trying. Some of us get it and others do research and excessive pinning to get it, but…

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What Underwear do Celebrities Wear? Surprisingly Affordable Brands Worn by the Rich and Famous!

January 29, 2013

What underwear do people choose to wear when they can afford any brand on the market? What supports them through…

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Choosing the Dress for Your Big Day: What Underwear Should You Wear For Wedding Dress Shopping?

January 22, 2013

You’re off to choose one of the most important outfits – if not THE most important outfit – of your…

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What Underwear Size Am I?

January 15, 2013

Shopping for underwear can be strange, especially when it comes to sizes. How come the number you would normally fit…

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Why Satan’s Panties?

(From Miss Congeniality)