What Underwear Size Am I?

January 15, 2013

levante-lingerie-fiore-shortShopping for underwear can be strange, especially when it comes to sizes. How come the number you would normally fit for a dress or pair of jeans was huge when you tried it in panties? Or what about when you’ve fallen in love with underwear from some foreign brand, and just can’t figure out which US/UK/EU size you are? You don’t want to waste your money, so let us help you out, country by country. Here goes!

What Underwear Size Am I… In the US?

It might be a pain to get out the tape, but for US sizes it really is the easiest way to go. With panties varying drastically from pants in the numbers they choose to use (especially on the plus-size end of the spectrum), you just need to work it out at home before you hit the shops! Here are the general rules, so that you can buy all of your favourite American brands, worry-free!

  • Waist: 25-26”, Hip: 35-36”, Panty Size: 5
  • Waist: 27-28”, Hip: 37-38”, Panty Size: 6
  • Waist: 29-30”, Hip: 39-40”, Panty Size: 7
  • Waist: 31-32”, Hip: 41-42”, Panty Size: 8
  • Waist: 33-34”, Hip: 43-44”, Panty Size: 9
  • Waist: 35-36”, Hip: 45-46”, Panty Size: 10
  • Waist: 37-38”, Hip: 47-48”, Panty Size: 11
  • Waist: 39-40”, Hip: 49-50”, Panty Size: 12
  • Waist: 41-42”, Hip: 51-52”, Panty Size: 13
  • Waist: 43-44”, Hip: 53-54”, Panty Size: 14
  • Waist: 45-46”, Hip: 55-56”, Panty Size: 15

What Underwear Size Am I… In the UK?

With more and more underwear designers operating from the shores of Blighty these days, it’s just as important to get yourself up to date with these figures. Since you’ve already done one set of measurements, we’ll just give you a hand conversion from US to UK sizes.

In fact, it’s pretty simple: just add 2 to your US number! For example, a US 4 = a UK 6, a US 6 = a UK 8, and so on, right up into the plus sizes! That makes things easy, doesn’t it?

What Underwear Size Am I… In the EU?

Yes, we know the UK is a part of the EU, but for sizing terms it’s neater. Although these countries all officially have their little sizing quirks (a 40 in France is a 38 in Germany, which is a 44 in Italy), there is also an EU-wide sizing guide than most firms (especially multinational ones like H+M) now choose to use.

It’s not quite as simple as the UK ‘+2’; according to Sloggi, it’s actually +32 from the US sizes and +28 from the UK. Haul out those primary school maths skills… you’re going to need them.

But hopefully with these figures (metaphorically) under your belt, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. Best of luck – we hope you find gorgeous undies!


2 Responses to What Underwear Size Am I?

  1. UsedToWearSize14
    October 25, 2013 at 4:09 am

    I don’t think this is accurate. I’ve been trying to figure out what size I am since I’ve lost so much weight. My waist is 48″ but brand new size 10 underwear fall off. Guess I’ll just have to buy some of each lower until I find the right size. Now my *pant* size is 16, and that fits your guide.

    • admin
      October 25, 2013 at 9:18 am

      Unfortunately, clothing sizes seem to fall into that “ideal” area: most designers and manufacturers don’t seem to give a hoot about whether their clothes actually fit certain sizes any more. I have had two size 14 panties from different manufacturers which measure almost 2 inches different around the waist – that’s HUGE!

      Your best bet is, unfortunately, to try your normal size and see if the manufacturer fits the standard or has their own, Twilight Zone sizing system. If they use standard sizes, you should be OK, but if not… well, as you say, you’ll have to wing it. :(

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